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Taco Perfecto


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Make the perfect taco! Add yummy toppings, dodge the ingredients you don't like, and spice your taco just right.

Players are dealt three "gusto" cards. Choose two of them. These are your favorite ingredients, kept secret from the other players.

Each player also gets a hand of three "ingredient" cards, and three "spice" cards. Players take turns playing cards into piles that represent different tacos, drawing from one of two decks to replace the type of card they just played.

Ingredients are played face up, covering previously played ingredients, and spice cards are played face down, but in a column so you can see how many (but not the value of) cards have been played.

When you think a taco has the right ingredients and spices, instead of playing a card on your turn, eat a taco, removing it from play. Once all players have claimed a taco, the player with the tastiest taco (most points) wins!